35" x 96" x 30" Lift Tank
Width: 34"
Length: 96"
Height: 30"
Buoyancy: 2832 lbs.
Weight: 145 lbs.
Standard Wall: .300
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35 x 96 x 30 .300 Lift Tank
35 x 96 x 30 .300 Lift Tank
Item# COF349630
Regular price: $999.00
Sale price: $845.00

Product Description

Marine Lift Tanks are large Heavy Wall air tanks that can be filled with water to submerge them and then re-floated by evacuating the water with air pressure. Our Marine Lift Tanks are a hollow one piece rotationally molded part manufactured from durable virgin linear low density polyethylene black material with ultraviolet inhibitors, available in both .300 nominal wall thickness and .375 heavy wall thickness. This material meets Industry Standards, offering a balance of toughness, rigidity and environmental stress crack resistance as well as low temperature impact performance.

  • Resistant to damage from the sun, salt water, fresh water, debris, oil, gas and marine organisms, making them virtually maintenance free.
  • Uniform, consistent thickness throughout tank.
  • Molded-in integral slots for easy and durable mounting.
  • Tanks include 1 pre-inserted pipe-thread hose fitting.
  • 100% tank tested for integrity.
  • Destructive puncture and thickness testing performed for each production run.