AR-425T 4' Wide Gangway
Ramp Dimensions: 4' x 25'
Handrails: Removable
Weight: 770 lbs.
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4' x 25'
4' x 25'
Item# AR-425T
Regular price: $5,499.00
Sale price: $4,999.00

Product Description

4' x 25'

These all aluminum gangways are non -corrosive and lightweight for easy in a nd out as the seasons change. The high quality, alminum construction means no rust, no repair, and no salt water damage. These first rate gangways will provide safe and dependable access to your dock system. The unique extruded non-skid, ribbed decking provides safe footing during reasonable angulation. The ramps come complete with aluminum handrail on both sides, hinged handicap ramp on one end and a segmented roller system on the other end.