Splash Trax

Splash Trax
Splash Trax
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Product Description

Splash Trax

The new Splash Traxís modular design allows users to easily build a floating activity course with different challenges and configurations. The ability to create a versatile, park like atmosphere for multiple activities was an important aspect of the design. The unique and flexible interlocking design is unlike others on the market. The modules are quick and easy to connect together and provide a smooth, stable connection transition from one module to the next.

The Splash Trax modules are designed to fit in 4.0 feet to 5.5 feet of water, depending on the module. RAVEís basic package consists of eight pieces to construct an exciting linear activity course.

2, Universal Platform units - The key to our modular system. RAVE's unique connection system allow all four sides and multiple pieces to be attached in any direction. 81" x 81" x 14" inflated
2, EZ-Up II Boarding Platform units - Provides easy boarding for all ages. 34" x 36" x 5" inflated
1, Climbing Pyramid - Take on the Climbing Pyramid wall challenge with handles and footholds on the sides and a fast slide in the center. 81" x 81" x 62" inflated
1, Tunnel - A climbing challenge that also provides a fast sliding surface through the center. 81" x 81" x 56" inflated
1, Bouncing Dome - Hop, jump or run around the dome for an exciting challenge to the course. 81" x 81" x 44" inflated
1, Wobbly Bridge - Test your balance with the four section bridge. 162" x 81" x 14" inflated

Add new modules or additional RAVE products to the Splash Trax system to create adventure that grows whenever you want! We have many unique configurations available that include Splash Trax attachments to the Water Whoosh, Aqua Jump Eclipse Water Trampoline, Bongo bounce platforms, Rope Swing and more.